FFXI was the 1st game I played and WoW was the 2nd. It was fun for a long time esp the Hunter class is best but I quit after going thru the Great Portal to high lvl zone cause I got ganked and I knew that forever I am to be PvE and never again PvP because I take it to personal. But to boring to start over on PvE server an play whole game all over again cause I don't do stuff twice so I'm gone and never coming back to WoW. And I got bored of same old same ol same ol questing all time nothing else. Also, I buy from gold sllers never again they are buttheads. Only this game I did and was glad cause I hate being poor. Prob if I had not had gold sellers I would quit sooner WoW because I feel I have to have the very best armor or I no play a game. But goldsellers evil so this was 1st and last time I tried them.